No Rest for the Weary!

No resting on our laurels.  Snickers and I are hard at work, especially on our geometry.  Okay, my geometry.  I am also trying out a whole new rein design using a bunch of new muscles that are screaming at me every night!  I really thought that I was already using all of the muscles that I had.  Obviously not.

When not on horseback, I’m looking for accommodations in Wellington for my horse, dogs, trainer, and me.  I’ll be at Global for both CPEDIs in January but must move off-site for the 10 days in between shows.  I contacted a friend from my Arabian world who has not only found a stall for that time but has agreed to clean my stall for the whole time I’m in Florida.  Thank you, Meredith!

I made a reservation for a hotel but really don’t want to live in one room for a month with another adult and two dogs.  Even though my trainer and I are friends, that’s asking a lot.  I wouldn’t want to spend that much time with one of my kids in that small a space!

So, the search continues…  Who else do I know near Wellington?

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