Quaterjack – the new man in my life!

This has been a year of change. I sold my business after 22 years, divorced my husband after 31 years, then I found my horse of a lifetime.Snickers and Pam Profile

Meet the new man in my life, Quaterjack.  He is a 10 year old, 17 hand, chestnut, Brandenburg gelding that I imported from Germany in July. Yeah, I don’t really know anything about Brandenburgs either but, if they are all like him, you should get one!  I call him my “Okey-Dokey” boy.  He never says no, and that’s a good thing because he is huge.  He is also kind and willing, surefooted and confidence building, while having freakishly awesome gaits!

I wouldn’t have this horse without the support of the U.S. Para-Equestrian Dressage Chef d’Equipe, Kai Handt.  Kai found the perfect horse for me in Germany and I will be forever grateful.  Forever grateful.

Without Melanie Mitchell, my trainer, I’d never be able to ride this horse!  Each lesson is a revelation. Her ability to think outside of the box to train both Quaterjack (Snickers to his barn buddies) and me is amazing.  I am a better rider but also a stronger person because of her. I will be forever grateful that she took me on as a client, then as a friend.  Forever grateful.


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