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Travel to the Trials Fundraiser

What are the Paralympics?  The Paralympics held every 4 years for athletes with physical disabilities like cerebral palsy, missing limbs, brain injuries, or MS.

Paralympic athletes compete at an international level in 22 sports, each participant vying for Gold, Silver, and Bronze against the best of the best from countries around the world.  The Paralympics immediately follow the able-bodied Olympics in Rio, Brazil next summer.

Training for any high performance, international sport is expensive.  As a para-equestrian, however, each athlete must also train, feed, house, and transport their equestrian partner.  Never mind the vet costs!  This has greatly hampered the U.S. para-equestrian teams when competing against countries whose competitive para athletes receive national funding.  U.S. para-equestrians must fund themselves and their horses until the actual Paralympic Games.  Due to these high costs, some of our best pairs cannot continue toward the Paralympic Trials in June without some financial help.

Below is a Mobile Cause site where you can help para-equestrian dressage riders Travel to the Trials.  Every dollar raised will help an athlete/horse pair with transportation costs to the Trials and are fully tax deductible.

Help send our best to compete for the U.S.!  If you can’t donate at this time, please Share or Tweet.  If you’d like more information about para-equestrians, please click http://uspea.org/


Quaterjack – the new man in my life!

This has been a year of change. I sold my business after 22 years, divorced my husband after 31 years, then I found my horse of a lifetime.Snickers and Pam Profile

Meet the new man in my life, Quaterjack.  He is a 10 year old, 17 hand, chestnut, Brandenburg gelding that I imported from Germany in July. Yeah, I don’t really know anything about Brandenburgs either but, if they are all like him, you should get one!  I call him my “Okey-Dokey” boy.  He never says no, and that’s a good thing because he is huge.  He is also kind and willing, surefooted and confidence building, while having freakishly awesome gaits!

I wouldn’t have this horse without the support of the U.S. Para-Equestrian Dressage Chef d’Equipe, Kai Handt.  Kai found the perfect horse for me in Germany and I will be forever grateful.  Forever grateful.

Without Melanie Mitchell, my trainer, I’d never be able to ride this horse!  Each lesson is a revelation. Her ability to think outside of the box to train both Quaterjack (Snickers to his barn buddies) and me is amazing.  I am a better rider but also a stronger person because of her. I will be forever grateful that she took me on as a client, then as a friend.  Forever grateful.